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[MIXG005] Talemore - Searching For Life

[MIXG005] Talemore - Searching For Life

Catalog: MIXG005
Format: 320Kbps MP3
Released: 29.01.2010
Styles: Ambient Drone
Total time: 58:36
Size: 72 MB

1. Talemore – At The Ruins Of Mind
2. Talemore – Creation Of Light
3. Talemore – Searching For Life
4. Talemore – Frozen Oak
5. Talemore – The Land Of Regrets
6. Talemore – Beyond Time
7. Talemore – Fields Of Ashes
8. Talemore – Silent Words
9. Talemore – Empire Of Forsaken Souls
10. Talemore – Eternally Madness
11. Talemore – The Last Incantation

Source's preview
With this first full-length album released by Mixgalaxy Records dark-ambient composer Stanislav Tretyakov, who works under an alias of Talemore introduces himself to the listeners of our label. As you may have already figured, you are about to be moved to the obscure side of ambient music. This record comprehends a rich spectre of those elements that formed the genre: dismal drones and dreary pads building up a strong atmosphere, some field recordings, some anthropogenic sound effects deliver deeper immersion. Tracks vary from Eastern flavored solemn compositions with chanting voices, woodwinds and ethnic percussion to mysterious futuristic soundscapes. Overall it is a very strong music set for those enjoying the genre or interested in dark side of atmospheric-driven music.


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