Techno-Релизы    2010    January
[swm097] Frenzy Shit - Microtechhousminimalshit

[swm097] Frenzy Shit - Microtechhousminimalshit

Label: Sonic Walker
Catalog: swm097
Format:  MP3, 320 Kbps
Released: 21.01.2010
Styles: Minimal Tech-House Mix
Total time: 01:31:14
Size: 209 MB

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Format: mp3, 320 kbps
Length: 01:31:14
Size: 209 MB

Source's preview
Frenzy Shit’s new netaudio mix consists of roughly 3 parts. In the beginning he tries to draw the listener into the music with some deep and atmospheric house. When we are ready for a bit more, the focus moves on to deep minimal rhythms. Half an hour later the tempo keeps building up with atmospheric melodies and danceable tech-house, pushing towards a euphoric state. The mix ends with a fantastic electronic track, that you just got to love, leaving you wanting more and being ready for some serious chilling at the same time.


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