Techno-Релизы    2010    January
[mdf06] Taschenrechnermusikant - Die Ruhe vor dem Strom

[mdf06] Taschenrechnermusikant - Die Ruhe vor dem Strom

Label: Modularfield
Catalog: mdf06
Format: 3  File, MP3, EP, 320 kbps 
Released: 19.01.2010
Styles: Dub Electronic
Total time: 14:03

1. Hop
2. Pianophil
3. Diaprojektion

Source's preview
Dubby moods, harmonic melody fields embedded in a warm and bright electronic landscape. There’s only a few words to describe it: “The calm before the storm”. The track „Hop“ takes us on a journey to wide yellow oker cornfields where the melodies are floating around like the wind. Sometimes ruff, but always as deep as it gets, maybe like a slow motion ride on a dusty desert highway, that’s the mood of „Pianophil“. And finally he lets the journey end like in the cover at the atlantic ocean coast of france. Leaving us behind with a feeling of cosy happiness, rather than what the technical name of the track „Diaprojektion“ suggests. „Die Ruhe vor dem Strom“ is the third release of „Taschenrechnermusikant“ on modularfield. Feel free to check out the other EP´s called „Von Herzen“ and „Gurkenglas“. You can find them in our DCC Back catalogue on our web side. The cover artwork of this release was designed by our dear friend Sebastian Verfürth, who also took the pictures for it himself. Hope you all enjoy this ride into a slow motion world.


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