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[swm096] Harald Walker  - InoQuo revisted

[swm096] Harald Walker - InoQuo revisted

Label: Sonic Walker
Catalog: swm096
Format: MP3, 256 Kbps
Released: 06.12.2009
Styles: Minimal-Techno
Total time: 01:00:34
Size: 111 MB

Manuel Romero – Más allá de las estrellas [inoQuo023]
D.soul – Focus [inoQuo028]
Waveform – City Vibes 4 [inoQuo038]
Sr.Click – Ellas [inoQuo010]
Hermetico – remac [inoQuo002]
Plaupez – Rio (me) [inoQuo031]
Bogdan – Delayed Childs [inoQuo020]
A7 – Mechanika [inoQuo045]
David val – Siglo XVI (remix) [inoQuo045]
A7 – Earthtrick [inoQuo045]
Hermetico – Los qeqos [inoQuo04]
Chuänchö – Profilaxis (parte 2) [inoQuo001]
Monokao – Destrucción masiva [inoQuo047]
Ol – Ameob [inoQuo020]
Asférico – Syntoms [inoQuo040]
Ol – Disfluid [inoQuo018]
Monokao – En casa de Paola [inoQuo050]
Systemton – Cut back [inoQuo030]
Licuadora system – Playing with sticks [inoQuo048]
Vladimir acic – Ingranka [inoQuo040]
Sr.Click – Ínampli [inoQuo004]
Monokao – Love Song [inoQuo047]
Sr.Click – A irreversible damage [inoQuo049]
Sr.Click – Minimal Rustic 2 [inoQuo037]

Source's preview
Sonic Walker starts the new year by looking back at the first 5 years of inoQuo, the minimal netlabel from Spain. inoQuo is the product of three restless minds, daTO is the webmaster and responsible for the graphic image. Hermético and Sr. Click, besides being the most active producers of the seal, are responsible for the promotion and selection of new artists for the netlabel. Since 2005 inoQuo has published 50 netaudio releases under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license. This netlabel mix features 24 of my favorite inoQuo tracks.


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