Techno-Релизы    2010    January
[dplm21] Didactic Scalica - Fuse

[dplm21] Didactic Scalica - Fuse

Label: Deeplimit
Catalog: dplm21
Format: 6  File, EP, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: January 2010
Styles: Deep-Techno

1. Didactic Scalica - Fuse [4:46]
2. Didactic Scalica - Fuse (Krrrkcckr) [11:30]
3. Didactic Scalica - Fuse (Maxim Ulrich Version) [7:09]
4. Didactic Scalica - Make Your Minimum [8:12]
5. Didactic Scalica - Morning Dew (SQP) [5:53]
6. Didactic Scalica - We Believe [6:40]

Source's preview
First day of new year 2010 Deeplimit label’s team and a Georgian musician, who is hiding behind the pseudonym Didactic Scalica, - Lovan Lamidze, represent you release «Fuse”. What is called in the West “highly technological sound”, is recognized and carefully flavoured with portion of deep. You can taste the delicacies of those, who are devoted to the techno-genre. “Fuse” is intricate, sensibly-made collage from sounds and consonances, more intellectual, with certain fraction of romanticism. While tasting the details, this release can be infinitely viewed from different perspectives – it’s all up to you.

23.01.2010 10:11

Странно, этот релиз я еще качал в ноябре...


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