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[unfound47] Walker Barnard - The discoball miner EP

[unfound47] Walker Barnard - The discoball miner EP

Label: Unfoundsound
Catalog: unfound47
Format: MP3/ Flac
Released: February 2010
Styles: Deep-House Minimal-Techno Tech-House
Size: MP3 98 MB/ Flac 274 MB

01. lowball
02. dirty sheets
03. hustle
04. smack
05. mbiratron

Source's preview
Hey! funk you! it's not often that we get all funky on yo' ass here on unfoundsound. but if it's tripped-out and awesome, then why the hell not? walker barnard (also known simply as walker) delivers a mind-numbing and body-jackin' five-tracker playfully entitled the discoball miner ep. each track is wittily produced with meticulous precision and frisky samples -- offering a frolicsome range of super-funky, super-trippy, super-duper-pooper tech-house and minimal gems. sometimes deep and soulful, and other times driving with intensity, walker barnard 's choons will get you movin', groovin', and your head swimmin' through funked-up multi-colored sampladelica.
mastered by brian cares


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