Techno-Релизы    2010    February
[cl-031] XZICD - O)))))O(((((O

[cl-031] XZICD - O)))))O(((((O

Label: Crazy Language
Catalog: cl-031
Format: 7xFile, MP3, EP, 320 Kbps
Released: February 2010
Styles: Ambient Drone Low Bitrate
Total time: 00:36:34

1. XZICD - The Crest
2. XZICD - 16th June 1996
3. XZICD - The Sun In Your Lips
4. XZICD - Super Feedbacker
5. XZICD - XZICD - Lii
6. Ephemera
7. XZICD - Stay With Me ( Francisco Godikinho Skullpiphany Mix)

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Ambient music is dominated by long and spherical soundscapes. This kind of music seems not to require a lot of attention, but if you listen to ambient music in the right mood and in the right place you can feel how it catches your subconscious mind and how time and space merge.

XZICD's music has merged time and space. He has a very sensible feeling for using filters which are controled in real time. Especially, the tracks „The Crest“ and „Ephemera“ show his detailed love for modified sounds. Wide textures from outer space are balanced well with forthcoming erosion-like sounds. This offers a great dialog and it keeps you listening advertent. XZICD has to offer more. The track „The Sun On your Lips“ is the proof. Starting with bloomy sounding pads the track develope a thought-provoking atmosphere underlined by heavy beats before the track roll up itself and gives a reminder of the beginning.

Good music irrespectively from genre, time and space diserves always attention and I would like to recommend XZICD's tracks here because the EP has some more surprises. If humans settlement in universe come along with such music I will be there. [DNN]


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