Techno-Релизы    2010    February
[RAR037] 10.17  - As I Was Looking Beyond, I Woke Up

[RAR037] 10.17 - As I Was Looking Beyond, I Woke Up

Catalog: RAR037
Format:  MP3 VBR
Released: February 2010
Styles: Minimal Tech-House Techno

1. 1,2,3, man kao (22mb)
2. 6 in the morning (21mb)
3. 35.267.812 times (21mb)
4. lovin' the d in my life (20mb)
5. d-everything (23mb)
6. fayzza 4.10 (23mb)
7. ftuhhp 1017.0410 (27mb)

Source's preview
10.17 makes his debut on Random Access Recordings. 10.17 is a young producer from Greece and has a load of talent and potential. It is always inspiring to hear music that has a modern futuristic edge, but stays true to its roots. This digital 7 track album is undoubtedly going to raise some eyebrows and shake some asses with its perfect blend of raw Detroit techno and funky minimalistic sounds. Hot out the oven and fresh on your plates; this young jack of the trade serves up this 7 course meal right and it is delicious. There is allot more to come on RaR by this guy. I hope you are hungry, because he certainly is. Long Live Jack!!!


11.11.2010 23:18

Музыка для души!У меня товарищ, злобный металлюга и то с удовольствием слушает в машине!Во как.

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