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[loopzilla097] Seth Gekko - Wout strictly tekno

[loopzilla097] Seth Gekko - Wout strictly tekno

Label: Loopzilla
Catalog: loopzilla097
Format: 192kpbs MP3
Released: 07.02.2010
Styles: Electronic Minimal-Techno Mix
Total time: 79:36
Size: 114 mb

01 SENSUAL PHYSICS - garden of apples [thinner93]
02 LAURA PALMER - missed [thinner095]
03 DROPOUT - lisergia [offaudio062]
04 PEPE ARCADE - x2 (roger m that oldschool flavour) [antiritmo017]
05 NEIGHBOR - i am darkness [offaudio051]
06 DESSBEN - sabotaje [offaudio044]
07 HIROSHI OKI - polar circle [antiritmo011]
08 BOB D. - brutus [antiritmo039]
09 VADIM LANKOV - impudence [offaudio031]
10 IVAR OH - nauseous [antiritmo021]
11 REPORTER - security awards [antiritmo001]
12 THE EGO - on & off [subversivemedia003]
13 DROPOUT - mutton activity [offaudio062]
14 DESSBEN - m30 [antiritmo020]
15 DESSBEN - la trama [offaudio060]
16 ALIC - samba olek [subversivemedia005]
17 ELEKTRALABEL - smash_005 [antiritmo016]
18 MIGUEL PUENTE - encierro [subversivemedia001]

Source's preview
Wout was born 1982 in Maastricht/Netherlands and released already several mixes at mixotic and sonic walker. Wout´s inspiration for his sets comes from special occasions in his life and travelling. He is not bound to one style, his sets are ranging from ambient or deep house to tech house stuff. The set he made for Loopzilla is more of a pushing kind and not exactly the stuff to lean back and relax. So power up your amp and enjoy!


25.02.2010 00:41


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