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[Sadayatana 004] All In a Day's Work

[Sadayatana 004] All In a Day's Work

Label: Sadayatana
Catalog: Sadayatana 004
Format: MP3, 137 Kbps
Released: 11.12.2010
Styles: Ambient Drone Experimental Podcast
Size: 179.3 MB

* Gaston Arevalo: Marea
* Gaston Arevalo: Hielo Norte
* Gaston Arevalo: Latitud
* Gaston Arevalo: Bosque
* Gaston Arevalo: Dive:3
* Gaston Arevalo: Delta
* Gaston Arevalo: Maritim
* Gaston Arevalo: Nebular
* Host Speaks
* Slow: Memories
* Slow: Vishudha
* Saluki Regicide: Rain II
* Drone Wallah: The Dog of the Seven Sleepers
* Host Speaks
* Black Aurora: The Church of Apprehension
* Motionfield: Rephlex
* Seetyca: Elegance
* Edge of October: Memory and Machines
* Host Speaks
* Perimeter: Sin Eaters

Source's preview
Seque mixing Gaston Arevalo's release "Marea" into a couple tracks by Russian emusician Slow and then into a long Saluki Regicide track. The second of three by Saluki Regicide in the webbed hand rain series. I follow up with a few odd tracks and some recent releases from Dark Winter netlabel. One of which causes some moaning (in the chatroom) about the moaning in the song. All in a day's work...

Cover: Dust Accelerates Snow Melt in San Juan Mountains


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