Techno-Релизы    2010    December
[Sadayatana 003] Agin' and Ragin'

[Sadayatana 003] Agin' and Ragin'

Label: Sadayatana
Catalog: Sadayatana 003
Format: MP3, 150 Kbps
Released: 04.12.2010
Styles: Abstract Drone Experimental Podcast
Size: 193.2 MB

* Palancar: Singularity
* DJ Speaks Epsilon Eridani: Lamentos Lejanos
* Epsilon Eridani: Falling Asleep
* Epsilon Eridani: Unknown Message Received From A Distant Universe
* Epsilon Eridani: Exil Von Kurt Weill Nach Paris
* Epsilon Eridani: Waking Up In A Cave
* t_error 404: Dios
* Red Fog: Endorphin Haze
* Raspad Atoma: Home
* DJ Speaks Bagryanii Schliach: Ultima Thule
* Epsilon Eridani: At The Mountains Of Madness
* DJ Speaks The Dead Children Factory: Reason Eclipse
* Leonid M. Zhest’: KaYA (Memory & Future)
* To Repel Ghosts: Christmas Song
* Nagual Art: Seance 1931
* To Repel Ghosts: Silent Night
* Nagual Art: A Song from F.
* To Repel Ghosts: White Christmas
* DJ Speaks
* To Repel Ghosts: Silver Bells
* C1-117: Intro

Source's preview
Starting with an hour long piece by Palancar that reminds me of Eno's bell studies and experiments I did inspired by same. Most of the rest of the show is devoted to dark ambient releases from the dna-productions netlabel. And finishing with a game of tag between To Repel Ghosts and Nagual Art --this is as christmas-y as I will be getting.

Cover: Alaska


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