Techno-Релизы    2010    December
[KoaRec002] Darksome Notes - Small Penny EP

[KoaRec002] Darksome Notes - Small Penny EP

Catalog: KoaRec002
Released: December 2010
Styles: Minimal Techno
Size: 109.8 MB

1. Darksome Notes - I Think (Original mix) (7.03)
2. Darksome Notes - Over(Original mix) (5.05)
3. Darksome Notes - Depressive Attack(Original Mix) (6.21)
4. Darksome Notes - Phenomen (Original Mix) (7.32)
5. Darksome Notes - Small Penny(Original Mix) (6.36)
6. Darksome Notes - Is Not End (Original Mix) (8.07)
7. Darksome Notes - Is Not End (Probs Remix) (8.40)
8. Darksome Notes - Is Not End (Algo Remix) (6.13)

Source's preview
This is our second installment by a Russian artist, who sent us 6 original tracks and 2 remixes. On this album are tracks like I Think, which is full of voices of very dark, dramatic melodies, atmospheres and some unpredictable, always accompanied by great bass lines.


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