Techno-Релизы    2010    December
[treetrunk126] Fosel  - The Left Hand Of Darkness

[treetrunk126] Fosel - The Left Hand Of Darkness

Catalog: treetrunk126
Format: VBR MP3 / Flac
Released: 23.12.2010
Styles: Ambient Drone Experimental Soundscapes
Total time: 66:40

01. Pleiocene
02. Afternoon Moeritherium
03. Micrographia
04. Dark Abyss Unnavigable
05. From Nowhere Into Where
06. Quadrireme
07. Persephone
08. Antistress
09. Orchestria

Source's preview
"Fosel, aka sound designer Kurt Nimmo, returns to Treetrunk with a new album of microsounds and meandering dark ambient textures punctuated with occasional harmony and percussive flight. Asked about his process, Fosel admits that he does not start a composition with an idea or overall structure in mind â he simply experiments with a variety of instruments and samples and tweaks these into an exploratory melange of sound. Fosel is not a composer, but rather an avid experimenter in sonic derivation. He prefers the dark side of the diverse dark ambient genre. Fosel's last album with Treetrunk was number 8 of the Complex Silence series."--Fosel,2010

Treetrunk is impressed with this material, and glad to have excellent artist Fosel back with us.


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