Techno-Релизы    2010    December
[treetrunk124] Mister Vapor  - Complex Silence 10

[treetrunk124] Mister Vapor - Complex Silence 10

Catalog: treetrunk124
Format: VBR MP3 / Flac
Released: 23.12.2010
Styles: Ambient Drone Soundscapes Mix
Total time: 60:00
Size: 137.3 MB / 209.3 MB

01 Phillip Wilkerson - As Far As Infinity Goes
02 Tange - Complex Silence 7 Part 2
03 Cousin Silas - Star Nursery
04 Phillip Wilkerson - Complex Silence 5 Part 1
05 JMMIII - Lumbering Drone
06 Mister Vapor - Complex Silence 6
07 Fosel - Rain Answered (C. Reider Remix)
08 Mysterybear - Meridian Transit
09 Tange - Ancient Bridge Part 2
10 Phillip Wilkerson - Complex Silence 5 Part 2
11 Fosel - Midland Astral (Phillip Wilkerson Remix)
12 Cousin Silas - Pollards Moor
13 Tange - Ancient Bridge Part 1
14 Phillip Wilkerson - The Moment Without A Beyond

Source's preview
"From the moment I first envisioned the Complex Silence Series, I primarily wanted other artists to participate in creating new music from a common, shared idea. I wanted to present and showcase diversity of artists and music and sounds, but within the guidelines of both musical abstraction and beauty. Now, here we are, 10 releases into the Series. The Series has presented Tange, JMMIII, Mysterybear, Mister Vapor, Fosel, and Cousin Silas. The body of work that these artists have created is unique, both individually and collectively. And it is the "collective" aspect that Complex Silence 10 showcases. Even with such a diversity of artists and separate releases, Complex Silence truly is a whole entity -a true Series -a collaboration of the minds of these artists."

"I asked Thomas Park, aka Mister Vapor, to demonstrate and I am confident that what Mister Vapor has created here, to celebrate the 10th Complex Silence, will prove my point."

"Using excerpts from all 9 previous CS releases, Mister Vapor has created the first Complex Silence Megamix. I could think of no other artist more qualified than Mister Vapor to create this megamix. He is truly a Master and a Magician when it comes to creating audio mixes from separate sources. I am extremely proud to call Thomas Park a friend, a mentor, and collaborator. He helped me breathe new life into the Complex Silence Series and he has been both an enthusiastic promoter and a Series participant."

"The perfect way to celebrate 10 releases of Complex Silence? With Mister Vapor, of course!" - Phillip Wilkerson, 2010


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