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[wh149] Rivers of Ashes - Breaching the Fabric

[wh149] Rivers of Ashes - Breaching the Fabric

Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog: wh149
Format: 4  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 19.12.2010
Styles: Ambient Drone Soundscapes

01 Folding Space & Time [40:12]
02 Woven Into the Fabric of Existence [10:24]
03 Journey Through the Breach [13:55]
04 On the Other Side of the Moebius Strip [18:43]

Source's preview
Breaching the Fabric is a collection of long-form dark ambient soundscapes crafted from effects guitar and other sources.

River of Ashes is a dark ambient collaboration between The Ghost Between the Strings and Lusruta. This is their first collaboration under this name, but not their first time working together. "River of Ashes" was the album title of a prior release on the Aesthesea netlabel.

All Sounds by River of Ashes

Guitar Sounds:
Prepared Guitar, E-Bowed Guitar & Effects by
The Ghost Between the Strings

Additional Sounds,
Arrangement & Sound Design by

Recorded in 2010
at various undisclosed locations
artwork by Aesthesea


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