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[wh145] Abc100  - Cosmic Dance of Tanzania

[wh145] Abc100 - Cosmic Dance of Tanzania

Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog: wh145
Format: 16  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 16.12.2010
Styles: Electronic Experimental Glitch Noise

1. cosmic dance of Tanzania [01:06]
2. drug com. [01:34]
3. elephant highway [02:15]
4. escape from the star Kapteyn part 1 [01:21]
5. escape from the star Kapteyn part 2 [03:01]
6. jina and mike/part 1, 2, 3/ [04:00]
7. kijo kingdom [03:29]
8. night j [03:58]
9. pion velvet [01:52]
10. Radio knight [01:52]
11. safari [01:57]
12. stul [03:37]
13. Untitled love brocen [00:30]
14. wash my spaceship [00:40]
15. western saturn [02:47]
16. wormy mouth [02:01]

Source's preview
Noise-glitch artist abc100’s cut-up sound collages present an abstract view of culture, using a process inspired by literary techniques.

“I’m making music, bringing its ideas from the literature. While studying world literature I encountered the amazing secret of author’s techniques for readers passion for artistic reality of the literature. Not paying attention for the actual story of this or that literature composition, I’m focusing my mind on the mechanism of verbally-shaped entertainment of the reader. It’s not a secret that it’s all about the dynamics of the syllable or in other words in the images series. I’m trying to move this dynamic to music from the literature. I’m building images of my tracks in coordination with schemes I learned in books of great authors. That is how I’m making the picure of artistic colors on the fabric of sound.” — abc100

Recorded and Produced by Alexandr Sinyagin (abc100)


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