Techno-Релизы    2010    December
[2circles015] Vishnu  - Space Folk EP

[2circles015] Vishnu - Space Folk EP

Label: TwoCircles Records
Catalog: 2circles015
Format: VBR MP3/Ogg Vorbis
Released: 15.12.2010
Styles: Ambient Experimental Glitch

[2circles-015a] Vishnu - dense predestiny
[2circles-015b] Vishnu - karri
[2circles-015c] Vishnu - all the time in the world
[2circles-015d] Vishnu - armed calm
[2circles-015e] Vishnu - the hungry busker
[2circles-015f] Vishnu - surveillance
[2circles-015g] Vishnu - unison
[2circles-015h] Vishnu - mindtalking
[2circles-015i] Vishnu - soft served circuit break

Source's preview
Perth-based Brett Kelly, aka Vishnu, brings us our 15th release: a systematic approach to free thought and endless boundaries of sound. Fat bass swirls underneath daunting chords, while percussive maneuvers tend to sway in a slow manner. While remaining unique and individualistic, all of the tracks tie into one another with a common theme: Space Folk.


19.12.2010 02:34

Thanks for the idea, maybe it will be implemented after the global update of portal. We are glad that our site has benefited you!

19.12.2010 00:13

Agree. I just forgot to thank for the trasures I found in here. For those masterpieces which break my mind and lead their way out of here. I just meant to make some rating button so that all the listeners could press to vote on their own.

Excuse me.

17.12.2010 09:47

Nobody forces you to listen to it. Do you have a choice always

17.12.2010 00:27

What a bullshit!...

From all about 2000 authors of Ambient I have been creeping through for 2weeks, I found about 10 to be highly appreciated... Why don't the moderators clean out that shit left?

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