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[RB091] Shinobu Nemoto  - Melting Loop Trip

[RB091] Shinobu Nemoto - Melting Loop Trip

Label: Resting Bell
Catalog: RB091
Format: MP3 320kb/s
Released: December 2010
Styles: Ambient Experimental
Total time: 02:31:20
Size: 283.75 MB

1. Trip 1
2. Trip 2
3. Trip 3
4. Trip 4
5. Trip 5
6. Trip 6
7. Trip 7
8. Trip 8
9. Trip 9
10. Trip 10
11. Trip 11
12. Trip 12
13. Trip 13
14. Trip 14
15. Trip 15
16. Trip 16

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Shinobu Nemoto is a sound-artist from Kanagawa, Japan. You might know “Summons of Shining Ruins”, his solo-guitar project or “Dark Side of The Audio System “, a tape-loop-experiment. Under his real name Shinobu Nemoto mainly releases guitar-improvisations and field-recordings. He also runs the label “MOUFU-ROKUON“ and did collaborations with Brain Grainger, Jason Adams and Danielle Demos.

“Melting Loop Trip“ is a collection of sixteen loops, each loop between six and thirteen minutes long. Each loop is a beautiful analog picture. Very athmospheric, very warm and very, very meditative. You can fall back into a cloudy bed of hushed noises, shimmering melodies and wonderful echo-structures.

You can go ahead, pick your favorite loop and listen to it on repeat. Or you can listen to the complete release from track to track. In addition to Shinobu’s musical output illustrator Kati Meden created an artwork-concept for the complete release as well as for every single loop based on her colour-alphabet.


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