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[wh143] Saluki Regicide  - The Shades to Appease

[wh143] Saluki Regicide - The Shades to Appease

Label: Webbed Hand Records
Catalog: wh143
Format: 9  File, MP3,320 kbps 
Released: 08.12.2010
Styles: Ambient Drone Experimental Soundscapes

01 – Intro [00:15]
02 – Whispering [03:44]
03 – The Robot Had to Obey [04:33]
04 – 55 Monstrous Pictures [03:20]
05 – Just a Little Bit Farther [05:36]
06 – Song of Amergin [05:24]
07 – What Plan? [08:02]
08 – The Shades to Appease [07:43]
09 – E Pur Si Muove [06:50]

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Saluki Regicide returns to Webbed Hand with a long-awaited sequel to “Mirage Emigrants” [wh012] — an album full of atmospheric sound textures and evocative samples.

More work from a recording project described as “haunted head music to disturb your inner child.” Saluki Regicide was the first major project of C.P. McDill and he still considers it his primary one. It was originally most active 2003-04, then sporadically thereafter, usually in the form of collaborations and long-form works. This album signals a return to the original style of working as Saluki Regicide, and even hints at future directions.

Recorded and produced by C.P. McDill
Aria Nadii: voice in “55 Monstrous Pictures” and “Amergin”
2004-2010, Massachusetts, USA.
Cover art by CP McDill


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