Techno-Релизы    2010    December
[WkBw0033] Gabe DM - Traces EP

[WkBw0033] Gabe DM - Traces EP

Catalog: WkBw0033
Format: VBR MP3/Ogg Vorbis
Released: December 2010
Styles: Techno Soundscapes

A – Bluffer’s Ammunition
B – Had Macaroons
C – Such Stallo
D - Traces

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We left traces behind whenever we act or move or express thoughts and words, sometimes those traces are more intangibles and sometimes more evident. Sometimes when more people are in the same place (like the postal office which is the soundscape in âHad macaroonsâ) the traces are mixed and overlapped in an apparent chaos, more defined are the traces left behind a couple talking in a hotel room (like the protagonists of Ernst Lubitschâs âTroubles in paradiseâ who are featured in âBlufferâs ammunitionâ), when the baronâs bluff is being unmasked. Traces are also there when a leaf leaves the tree was hanging or a cat is meowing in the street at night. Traces EP is just an attempt of showing the multitude of sounds that are around us without we even notice them, is a declaration of existence of the forgotten sonic elements.


09.12.2010 23:08

except track 1 really cool stuff

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