Techno-Релизы    2010    December
[1337-018] Pachyderme - L’ Homme Végétal Part 2 EP

[1337-018] Pachyderme - L’ Homme Végétal Part 2 EP

Label: 31337records
Catalog: 1337-018
Format: 4 x File, MP3, 320kbps
Released: December 2010
Styles: Experimental Minimal Techno

01. Absurde 18:02
02. Oursin Bleu 10:00
03. I am a Stegosaurus 13:49
04. I am a Stegosaurus (Dcollage Remix) 13:43

Source's preview
Here we go, this is the second part of Franco’s release called ‘L’Homme Végétal’. Passionate downtempo tracks to space out and let the mind flow. These tracks invite to sit back and enjoy the soundscapes floating through the air, distinct from the usual, far away from the ordinary, but always classy and straight to the point.
Lovely melodies surrounded by a variety of percussions, effects and four to the floor beats, although this isn’t aimed for the dancefloor at all. Intelligent arrangements, minimalistic complexity and ambience forms into a timeless piece of art. Special music for special people.


02.12.2011 17:36
06.12.2010 22:40

Well the rhythm keeps

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