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[ca412] Various Artists - The Synthi Group Vol. 3

[ca412] Various Artists - The Synthi Group Vol. 3

Label: Clinical Archives
Catalog: ca412
Format: 13  File, MP3, 320Kbps 
Released: December 2010
Styles: Ambient Drone Electronic Experimental Glitch Soundscapes Compilation
Total time: 100:36
Size: 215.1 MB

Track 1
Artist: Johan Schurer
Title: Ambient Rush
Time - 4:24
Device: EMS Synthi AKS Mk2
Location: Belgium

Track 2
Artist: Erwin Hofstede
Title: Only A Synthi
Time - 9:25
Device: EMS Synthi AKS Mk2
Location: The Netherlands.

Track 3
Artist: Alka
Title: contrapuntal
Time - 4:36
Device: EMS Synthi AKS Mk1
Location: USA

Track 4
Artist: Head Boggle
Title: Ambioent Synthi Combo
Time - 3:48
Device: EMS Synthi A
Location: USA

Track 5
Artist: Georgios Karamanolakis
Title: À la recherche du temps perdu
Time - 12:22
Device: EMS Synthi AKS and delay, one take live improvisation.
Location: Greece

Track 6
Artist: George Kayavis
Title: untitled
Time - 3:14
Device: VCS3 MK II , EMS 256 universal sequencer.
Location: Greece

Track 7
Artist: Don Hassler
Title: the CY3 conjugate, goat anti-mouse
Time - 6:44
Device: EMS Synthi A MK1
Location: USA

Track 8
Artist: Mach4
Title: The Ambassador
Time - 11:13
Device: EMS VCS3 Mk II, EMS Random Voltage Generator, EMS Pitch to Voltage Converter
Location: South Australia

Track 9
Artist: maelem
Title: miss synthi mise à nu par ses célibataires, même
Time - 8:08
Device: EMS Synthi A
Location: France

Track 10
Artist : Trap & Zoid
Title : soppy foe
Time - 10:34
Devices : EMS Synthis : modified A MKI (osc 1 &2 have a second switchable frequency pot) and AKS /
Delays : M-Audio NRV-10 mixing desk’s stereo echo and Aria AD-10 / Flanger : Aria FL-10 / Recorder Edirol R-09HR
Contact :
Location : Brussels, Belgium

Track 11
Artist: THM
Title: Lost in time
Time - 5:46
Device: EMS Synthi AKS
Location: Belgium

Track 12
Artist: Modulator ESP
Title: Triangulation of Mysterious Resonances
Time - 14:35
Device: EMS VCS3 Mk I/DK2, Electrix Repeater and Boss DD-20
Location: UK

Track 13
Artist: The Vegan Surgeons
Title: Ultimate Nullifier
Time - 5:52
Device: EMS Synthi VCS3, EMS DK2 keyboard, 4ms "Silver Apples" Phaseur, Danelectro Reel Tape Delay, Roland SpaceEcho 500, Moogerfooger Analog Delay. Recorded and mixed with AudioMulch.
Location: Scotland, UK

Source's preview
The Synthi Group returns for part three of their EMS analog music series. Unlike the first two releases, this edition was recorded with a specific theme in mind and with parameters of limitation. The artists appearing on volume three were asked to create ambient soundscapes using EMS equipment ONLY. No other musical gear was used in the creation of this compilation.

Sit back, plug in some headphones and be enveloped by the atmospheric aurality that these fine instruments offer under conduction of experienced adepts. The modulations crafted here are meant to accompany the listener on a voyage one could easily take during sleep, a walk communing with nature, or with a focused ritual. We’ll let you interpret whether your journey is more akin to a pleasant dream, or a dark nightmare; an enjoyable walk, or a terrified flight; a positive attainment of higher light, or the conjuring of the dead…
(Alka 2010)


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