Techno-Релизы    2010    August
[fnet007] idex+hhtp - Mind Like Water EP

[fnet007] idex+hhtp - Mind Like Water EP

Catalog: fnet007
Format:  3 x File, MP3
Released: August 2010
Styles: Abstract Ambient Glitch
Size: 42.2 MB

1. i
2. ii
3. iii

Source's preview
In 2002 Vitaliy Harmash (i/dex) and Andrey Savitsky (hhtp) exchanged the records for future collaboration. Tracks and sounds were taken from Andrey’s albums "Forming" and “Wave weavers». Vitaliy mixed up and alchemized them, and after eight years recollect this collaborative work. As a result this entrancing mini-album shapes out.

Listening to music like this is like being inside a complex intelligent healing machine that scans and examines every piece of you - mind, soul, body and all the other components of a human being that only it can see. this machine uses sounds to palpate and locate every disfunctional, sore, tired, worn out and dislocat... ed fragment and detail of you - and melts the tensions, fills the voids, clears the energy channles, cleans and restores corrugated regions, sends series of regenerating micro-impulses, cools down and warms-up where necessary. heals like sonic acupuncture and mild, precise and concentrated neuro-stimulation. are you ready for a ambient-glitch therapy session?


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