Techno-Релизы    2010    August
[HAZE122] Art Project “?!” - Sespliting

[HAZE122] Art Project “?!” - Sespliting

Label: HAZE
Catalog: HAZE122
Released: August 2010
Styles: Ambient Experimental IDM Trance

01. Noise of Silence
02. iPOMpEyA
03. Sespliting
04. Scientes bonum
05. Con Trust
06. Invisible beauty of poison
07. Animation The Future
08. O Sin ‘
09. Oli-niljik
10. Casin Tu Vaya
11. SounScrip
12. AnTi Gen
13. Eq
14. FoOl MOon AfteRnasiA

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The name of the project consists of two symbols, they are question and exclamation marks “?!”.
The conception of such an extraordinary name can be explained in various ways. It can be a question and an answer, excitement and calmness, doubts and confidence, uncertainty and fundamental truth, search and enlightenment. But these marks are well-known and understandable all over the world. The project was created in 2009 and, to be more exact, it is an art-project.


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