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[treetrunk102] Tange  - Constant 26

[treetrunk102] Tange - Constant 26

Catalog: treetrunk102
Released: August 2010
Styles: Ambient Drone Soundscapes
Total time: 42:31
Size: 97.3 MB

Source's preview
"It was put together. . .using some older material and a process I came across which generates midi notes from environmental sounds, graphics files, and such. I was always intrigued by Eno's technique of setting up a process and letting it run...that way it makes the results as interesting for me to listen to as it would be to a 'casual' listener. . ."-- Tange, 2010. Treetrunk Records finds this version of Constant to be very listenable, holding interest throughout while remaining consistent. It nicely fulfills the goals for a Constant piece-- see if you agree.

"Constant" pieces, for those unfamiliar, are musical works based on being as minimal as possible-- finding the least possible thing necessary for listening. These pieces tend to be drone in nature. The original Constant appeared on Webbed Hand Records ( ), and others have been released at the TZP Drone Company ( ) and also here at Treetrunk.


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