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[RTPOD13] DJ Zina  - Heat & Beer

[RTPOD13] DJ Zina - Heat & Beer

Catalog: RTPOD13
Format: VBR MP3 / Ogg Vorbis
Released: 12.08.2010
Styles: Techno Podcast
Size: VBR MP3 — 87.4 MB / OGG Vorbis — 27.9 MB

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Next Russian Techno podcast episode is from Zina, DJane from St. Petersburg.

«Everything began from hip-hop… Music has taken main place in my life since the time i used to listen to Backstreet Boys. Ok, serious now ;) The mainest priority for me now is preservation and support of special electronic music culture, yet conceived not by everyone. At the moment my main musical activity is Artofmusic promo group. We’ve made numerous number of parties – a lot of experimental music fans expanded their musical horizons, and gained opportunity to personally meet their idols at those parties. For Artofmusic events, we’ve already booked such cool guys as: Preast FX, 3d!t, Sikaflex, Sigma, Smees, Nino Fight, Ducksfunk, and i would like to bring even more! All the best guys must visit Russia, i will do all everything to make it happen!»

We’re proudly presenting you this mix of tasty techno by Zina, with tracks by such respected artists like: Lo.Max, Steph, Smees, Atarythm, Tunebox, Tomas Nordstrom, Jerome Hill, TSR, Michael Forshaw, Fugo. Enjoy this finest selection and stay tuned for the new Russian Techno podcast episodes! Oh, by the way, you can now subscribe (check sidebar on the left) via Feedburner, and even in iTunes!

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