Techno-Релизы    2010    April
Sum-1 - Serial Conflict

Sum-1 - Serial Conflict

Label: Togeo Music
Format: Flac / Ogg Vorbis / VBR MP3
Released: April 2010
Styles: Electronic Experimental IDM Minimal Techno
Size: 117 MB

01 - Carassul
02 - Acid Brandy
03 - Grey System
04 - Cypher
05 - Tempest
06 - Bit Ching
07 - Largo
08 - Steel Sync
09 - Random Shell
10 - Terminal Switch
11 - Psycho Semantic

Source's preview
Serial Conflict by Tobias Peterson (Sum-1) is another step deeper into the musical thinking of the artist. Sum-1 has been defining his artistic style with each new release and Serial Conflict is no exception. Enter into the Sum-1 mindset and be prepared for a journey to the edges of the audio universe and then ride the solar energy ray home on a path through the portals of sound.

The tracks are electronic in nature with a definitive Sum-1 experimental IDM style.


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