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[WkBw0027] Jamie Guerkin  - Mono

[WkBw0027] Jamie Guerkin - Mono

Catalog: WkBw0027
Format: VBR MP3/Ogg Vorbis
Released: 25.04.2010
Styles: Electronic IDM Minimal Techno
Size: 575.9 MB

A1 - Jamie Guerkin - Monohertz
A2 - Jamie Guerkin - Monophobie
A3 - Jamie Guerkin - Mono Ohrensauser
A4 - Jamie Guerkin - Monobridge
B1 - Jamie Guerkin - Monofaktor
B2 - Jamie Guerkin - Monostate 909 Version 2
B3 - Jamie Guerkin - Monolythic System
B4 - Jamie Guerkin - Mono Flashback
C1 - Jamie Guerkin - Mono Promqueen
C2 - Jamie Guerkin - Mono Will FCUK Your Brain
C3 - Jamie Guerkin - Mono Calm Version 2
C4 - Jamie Guerkin - Mono Canabinol
D1 - Jamie Guerkin - Mono Geht Ab
D2 - Jamie Guerkin - Mono Have To Clean The Room

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Jamie Guerkin, the inventor of Tecktro, created 80 minutes of first class electronic music with his concept "MONO". This sounds simple, but every listener will be aware, that it is possible to do concept music without boredom. It's quite minimalism, but at the same hand full of ideas.


13.07.2010 22:02


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