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[RTSW16] Tantcui Tantcui - Minimal Is Dead

[RTSW16] Tantcui Tantcui - Minimal Is Dead

Catalog: RTSW16
Format: 10  File, MP3, VBR 
Released: 14.04.2010
Styles: Minimal-Techno

1. Tantcui Tantcui - Shawarma House [5:50]
2. Tantcui Tantcui - Mozg [5:20]
3. Tantcui Tantcui - Looking For Drugs [3:40]
4. Tantcui Tantcui - Scum City [6:05]
5. Tantcui Tantcui - Putting On A Cigarette [4:00]
6. Tantcui Tantcui - Devochki [6:30]
7. Tantcui Tantcui - Gamak [4:13]
8. Tantcui Tantcui - Smoke A Blunt In The Car [1:42]
9. Tantcui Tantcui - Torch [3:33]
10. Tantcui Tantcui - I Do U [7:50]

Source's preview
Speaking about the nature of modern minimal, through a cloud of tobacco smoke, a bad idea emerges - minimal turns into pop phenomenon, loses its face and becomes a soundtrack for TV-ads. Walking around the scrapyard of once a 'real' minimal, you often step on records of unknown artists and kick them, trying to get rid of the unpleasant residue, but...

Musicians around the world, counting money, adapt their music for the maximum number of listeners, and potential bar customers. But there are artists, adepts of post-minimal era, that work in their small flats, without the fear of tomorrow, that open their eyes to the inner contradictions of culture.

Pessimistic album 'Minimal is dead' by 'Tantcui Tantcui' project (which means Dance Dance in Russian), grabbing the elusive tail of the idea of minimal, shows us full spectrum of soundings, ranging from simple loops-based tracks to experimental noise stuff. This music embodies the idea of liberation, disengagement from the laws, in the style of ghetto punk... Boys and girls with japanned hair won't understand this, because we have our own, sick, concept of freedom... And we are proud of it, you suckers!


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