Techno-Релизы    2009    September
[acp060] Vertical67 - The space between

[acp060] Vertical67 - The space between

Label: Acroplane
Catalog: acp060
Format: MP3, 320 kbps
Released: 28.09.2009
Styles: Acid Electronic Techno
Size: 158 MB

Vertical67 - Float
Vertical67 - Old Stories
Vertical67 - The Space Between

Source's preview
The 2nd LP from Berlin's Vertical67. His last album, 'Reflect' remains among the most popular ACPs to this day, but this one certainly tops it, feeling more like a complete album. The themes are similar, at times uplifting and psychedelic, others dark and melancholic, but his production has come on a long way. In our opinion, this LP deserves to rank with the best of 2009, and is certainly among the best Acroplane releases to date.


06.02.2010 18:02

хренова нельзя прослушывать


16.11.2009 21:06

Архив доступен также и на

16.11.2009 20:28

Офигенно!!! Но скачать почему-то возможно только с официального сайта? :(((

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