Techno-Релизы    2009    September
[kahvi274] Moodix - Moodiplication

[kahvi274] Moodix - Moodiplication

Label: Kahvi
Catalog: kahvi274
Format: VBR MP3
Released: 24.09.2009
Styles: Ambient Electronic
Size: 82.1 MB

Source's preview
Subtle, electronic easy listening with a hint of glitch and underground is how I would define this release from Moodix.
I don't know what it is about Bulgaria, but there seems to be a lot of great musicians (ESEM, DiE, Polygon Ring) appearing from that far off corner of Europe.
Moodix supplied Kahvi with 7 tracks of excellent electronic vibes, starting off with the moody 3L and heading off to dreamscape realms of Le Grand Bleu. I'm not sure what foreign naming theme is with the tracks but they speak for themselves.
A great release and one of the highlights of this year!

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