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[tonAtom.103] Objet trouvé Compilation

[tonAtom.103] Objet trouvé Compilation

Label: Tonatom
Catalog: tonAtom.103
Released: September 2009
Styles: Drone Experimental Techno

[01/06] - 07:14 - area - n tomato
[02/06] - 07:43 - marco sebastian christ - bells & lids
[03/06] - 04:01 - sibilant - through the cumulonimbus singularity
[04/06] - 07:16 - sternenspringer - windstille
[05/06] - 02:32 - xenoton - strandgut
[06/06] - 05:36 - dreamlogicc - position

Source's preview
objet trouvé (= found art) is a compilation which was created in two phases. the first phase was the process of finding the building blocks to create tracks later. so a group of tonAtom artists collected and contributed samples of various kinds. the guidelines for the sounds were (a) percussion-like sounds, either samples or synthesized, (b) actual objet trouvé samples taken from the real world (no limitations here, vocal, field recordings, anything goes) and (c) synthetic sounds like e.g. synth atmospheres, drones, single shot sounds or the like, probably (but not limited to) with a melodic characteristic, but free from rhythm and harmonies

this set of samples was then compiled and passed on to the artists in order to begin the second phase: the creation of new music from these building blocks.

the rules were simple (apart from the sine qua non basis of creating music to be licensed as creative commons): (a) "only! from this material", (b) collage technique rather than 20x resynthesizing from one basis sample, the original characteristics of the majority of the used samples should remain recognizable

finally, the culmination of this process is this release of six very diverse tracks. marco sebastian christ (of ne:o fame), sternenspringer, dreamlogicc and xenoton are well-known tonAtom artists. with area and sibilant (both from north america) we welcome two new contributors, maybe there is more to come....

all samples used for this release are available for download as well. the samples are available using a (non-commercial) creative commons license (thanks to all the artists!) so if you want to contribute your own track to an objet trouvé 2.0 compilation, please get in touch with (please remember: cc-licensed, no collecting societies. tonAtom is about free, legal music.)

or you can just check if the artists obeyed the above given rules... :-)

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