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[SSCD04] Quantec - Journey of Mind CD

[SSCD04] Quantec - Journey of Mind CD

Как сообщается на сайте лейбла - вся партия CD c релизом продана.

Catalog: SSCD04
Released: September 2009
Styles: Ambient Drone Noise

01. Mind Wandering
02. Motionless
03. The Mystic Moon
04. The Unknown
05. Depth of Immersion
06. Perfect Stranger
07. Stay up all Night
08. Atmospheric Noise

Source's preview
Quantec takes you deep into the ethereal regions of space on a journey of the mind. Hypnotic sounds suspend you motionless high above the mystic moon and down deep into the unknown. The sounds weave and evolve in an meditative way from drones to percussive soundscapes and carry you away through a timeless space. Atmospheric noise becomes a perfect stranger helping you navigate through the abyss and ending the journey at the dawn of a new day.

10.11.2009 19:41

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