Techno-Релизы    2009    September
[tou261] Beat Doctor - Alright

[tou261] Beat Doctor - Alright

Label: Toucan Music
Catalog: tou261
Format: VBR MP3 / Ogg Vorbis
Released: 16.09.2009
Styles: Electronic House
Size: 17.5 MB

Alright - original mix
Twisted Orchestra - original mix

Source's preview
Beat Doctor presents two contemporary electro house tracks on this release from Toucan Music. "Alright" is a bouncy house track with rippling, stuttering arpeggios and sizzling, reverberating bass as well as a catchy vocal sample. "Twisted Orchestra" is a stompy house tune with a catchy, sidechained orchestral sample and old skool organ sounds. Both tracks are full length and free to download and reuse under a Creative Commons licence. Cover design is a cropped version of an image by Mark Cummins and appears under a Creative Commons Share Alike licence.


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