Techno-Релизы    2009    September
[hg065] Tom Clark - Scorpio

[hg065] Tom Clark - Scorpio

Catalog: hg065
Released: 14.09.2009
Styles: Tech-House

1. Scorpio (Original Mix)
2. Albino (Original Mix)
3. Sand Flea (Original Mix)
4. 12notes (Original Mix (Digital Only))

Source's preview
With this new EP Tom Clark makes an impressive return to the Highgrade release program. Following a collaboration with Marcus Schatz and most recently with Benno Blome, he now comes back as a solo artist. After only a few beats, you’ll be sure to recognise his signature sound. Tom needs surprisingly few elements to build a unique atmosphere and his matchless grooves.
On the title track “Scorpio“ we find a deep, rolling bassline and a slightly orientally influenced vocal, combined with the typically unique Clarkish synth leads, and we’re ready to go. It’s a track that continually keeps the excitement moving while never letting the cat out of the bag, and more than deserves the A-side.
Then we come to “Albino“, also featuring sparkling synths and rolling drums that create an impression of fluidity and an unhurried beginnings, but we also end up in a waterfall... Who would have known!?
In conclusion comes “Sand Flea“, as lively as a box of fleas, but not nearly as aggrivating! Mister Clark is again at his best, with a love for detail, an innate sence for strange sounds and an a significant quantity of leisurely energy, this tune also really hits the mark. This is not the work of a newbie who produces an aggressive sound to prove his talents.
The result is the feature of this EP: Seldom has an understatement sounded so fresh. + Digital-only bonus track “12 notes“!

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