Techno-Релизы    2009    September
[WaW026] OneTooFreeFor  - Serious Flippancy

[WaW026] OneTooFreeFor - Serious Flippancy

Label: WeirdAndWired
Catalog: WaW026
Format: VBR MP3 / Ogg Vorbis
Released: September 2009
Styles: Experimental IDM
Size: 70.7 MB

01. OneTooFreeFor - Dub come save me
02. OneTooFreeFor - Rob the Kohltrain
03. OneTooFreeFor - Jazz berried Wonk
04. OneTooFreeFor - Hot Fudge Sundae
05. OneTooFreeFor - Deterioration?
06. OneTooFreeFor - Day to Day work in Room 101
07. OneTooFreeFor - Nocturnal Cogitation Patterns
08. OneTooFreeFor - Solaria Tomb Kit
09. OneTooFreeFor - Alien Choir Session
10. OneTooFreeFor - Katzenbesuch
11. OneTooFreeFor - Timeshift
12. OneTooFreeFor - Barockade
13. OneTooFreeFor - Postlude

Source's preview
It's like a retro-futuristic SciFi-Movie with a Protagonist, who plays in a Jazz-Band in his free time (=when he's not on a mission in outer space). So it basically sounds like a nervous man travelling through space and time. He doesn't show it, let alone tell it, but oh, boy, underlying tension is the theme. The general alert is up, and yours will be too. You may accompany this guy on his journies through deserts, oriental places, his encounter in the white room, where he meets the crazy guy in a powdered wig playing the spinet and many more....leaving you with this feeling not unlike, when you come out of a cinema and it's still bright outside and reality looks utterly surreal..time to lower the general alert...


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