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[Toolz909] A Bassdrum Made The Story - Compilation

[Toolz909] A Bassdrum Made The Story - Compilation

Label: Tribetoolz
Catalog: Toolz909
Format: 12  File, MP3
Released: 09.09.2009
Styles: Electronic House Techno
Size: 77.8 MB

1 Kloyd – Soiled Undergarments
2 Xtront – House Ya Buddy
3 S-Tek – Trak
4 Tony Silver – Times
5 Calculon – All My Circuits
6 Mark Stone – Röhre
7 Xtront – Pop Up
8 S-Tek – The Police
9 Parametrix – Dead Line
10 Bruce – Darnell
11 Xtront – Cant Stop
12 Mark Stone – Around The Corner

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Once upon a time in techno history a man said: Jack Had A Groove…
…and from Roland TR-909 analog drum machine came the Groove of many other Grooves. It was one of the most used drum machine in dance music in general, specially on Techno and House Music in the last 20 years. Analog Power of Hardness Kicks and Beats, Funky Grooves and Shuffling Percussions are the result.
We celebrate the birthday and say thank you for many years of fun and a never ending love to this Machine. Its the 9.09.2009 and this is Toolz909 – A Bassdrum Made The Story – Compilation of TR909 Tracks.


16.09.2009 15:17

great to see our release in russia! it is great. PLAY IT & SHARE IT to the world! :)


greetingsfrom berlin germany,



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