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[JNN053] :retreat: - RTRT 001

[JNN053] :retreat: - RTRT 001

Catalog: JNN053
Format: 7  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 07.09.2009
Styles: Ambient Drone Electronic Experimental
Total time: 01:08:15
Size: 128.19 MB

01 – Movement 1
02 – Movement 2
03 – Movement 3
04 – Movement 4
05 – Movement 5
06 – Movement 6
07 – Movement 7

Source's preview
After the projects : HALLER: (industrial) and: SINCLAIR: (ritual): RETREAT: is the third project of Ronny Jung from Leipzig, Germany. It is the reduced project and yet deliberately omitted for ornamentation. It is intended to look for rest and relaxation pose. the quiet in the noise.
The name:RETREAT: is program.
On this album were mic’ed recordings of singing glas, didgeridoo, small metal bells and larger porcelain bells and torn paper were used as raw material.
The process of working is very experimental and not compositional.
It is researching what one can.
Mastered by Mark Stolk (aka Mystahr)


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