Techno-Релизы    2009    September
[magyar04] Chainsaw Yoga - Building

[magyar04] Chainsaw Yoga - Building

Label: Magyar
Catalog: magyar04
Released: September 2009
Styles: Ambient Glitch Noise

01 Behind an empty place (4.06)
02 Middle age crisis of Aiden Zaal (8.40)
03 Who stole it (9.44)
04 An average life with an average end (6.48)
05 on my way to rooftop (5.04)
06 dwnwrd (7.28)

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Fresh from the Hungarian underworld we have summoned analog alchemist Chainsaw Yoga. This, the next step in the evolution of ambient glitch turns away from the harshness of digital, favoring a more natural dwelling in a persistant exploratory venture. Just over 40 minutes, Building is constructed upon ever-changing psuedo-synth formations, while invasive layers of short-circuit chatter suggest both a rhythmic narrative and a pointilized, formal structure. Recomended for both passive and intent listeners alike!


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