Techno-Релизы    2009    September
[Eg0_016] CDRX - The Dreamscape's Machinery

[Eg0_016] CDRX - The Dreamscape's Machinery

Label: Eg0cide Productions
Catalog: Eg0_016
Format: File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: September 2009
Styles: Ambient Experimental
Size: 97.2 MB

Source's preview
Eg0cide Productions are glad to welcome CDRX again, this time with a solo piece : another subtle and mysterious soundscape, with a well chosen title and fitting artwork (also created by CDRX himself).
This music is very hard to describe, I discover something new in it at each listening. Not sure it should be tagged as "ambient" (if you care for tags), but I find it very relaxing to play when half sleeping. It reminds me of summer naps when you fall asleep and wake up over and over , and don't know if what you hear come from a dream, from a buzzing machine in your room, from chaotic uncouscious memories, from insects or noises outside, or a mix of it all...
CDRX has wonderfully caught the machinery of these ambigous states when dreams and reality melt into each other. Now just lay down, close your eyes and try for yourself...


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