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[SLNT004] Mahi Bukimi  - The Forests of Kur Zeme

[SLNT004] Mahi Bukimi - The Forests of Kur Zeme

Catalog: SLNT004
Format: 10  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 30.10.2009
Styles: Ambient Experimental

1. Harmony of Wood and Stone
2. Water in the Mirror
3. Sleep through the Leaves
4. Air of the Ground
5. Hidden Reservoirs of the Forests
6. Solar Wind
7. Change of the Season
8. Space East
9. Electrified Rain
10. Flashing of Light

Source's preview
The album guides the listener into the impressive and psychedelic trips through the forests around the Baltic sea, through the leaves and lakes, through baroque forest lights, the stars and the shadows, where you will never feel alone, where all the way at warm summer nights and foggy autumn mornings is full of beautiful emotions and transparent feelings – the things, that are not changing with the centuries.

“Kur Zeme” is a project of Mahi Bukimi, started at 2003. Stylistic directions of it can be described in many ways – neoclassic, synth-ambient with the elements of nature music, as well as psychedelic improvisations, new age and impressionism. It is hard to define the feeling of roomy seas and forests, karmic emptiness and joy, gothic and infospace, if you are using the rational words Composer leaves this “task” to the listeners. “Kur Zeme” is a word play in Latvian. “Kurzeme“ is one of the historical districts of Latvia, but “kur zeme” means “where the land is”. Artist is looking for the balance in using modern equipment and feeling the nature, making an electronic music and composing in traditions of the baroque musician.


31.10.2009 09:12

Очень качественная работа ! ! ! 5+

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