Techno-Релизы    2009    October
[RB074] Astrowind  - Kurland

[RB074] Astrowind - Kurland

Label: Resting Bell
Catalog: RB074
Format: 15  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 30.10.2009
Styles: Ambient Electronic
Total time: 01:06:24
Size: 124.50 MB

1. Kurland
2. Nebel
3. Kuppel
4. Sounds Of The Shores
5. Deep Blue Sea
6. Buran
7. October
8. Late October
9. Luch
10. Nemo
11. Anomalies
12. Voice Of Depth
13. Puchina
14. Der Strahl
15. When The Rain And Wind Knocked Out Of The Window

Source's preview
It seems like Astrowind are having the most constant release-frequency on Resting Bell. One release a year, always around September and October. It is the third release on Resting Bell, after “Somewhere The Music Had Been Played“ in September 2007 and “Der Leuchtturm“ in October 2008. They also released on 12rec and Electrosound/Musica Excentrica.

“Kurland” contains 15 pieces and has a total duration of over 60 minutes, a real longplayer. Kurland is the german name for one of the cultural and historical regions of Latvia (in english: Courland). So you have scenic titles like “Kurland“, “Nebel”, “Sounds Of The Shores” but also pieces about aerospace and deep sea. Compared to the older Astrowind-releases the new work sounds a bit deeper and adult. You still find the synth-drones and the noises and glitches but everything is arranged very focused, very sublime. Every element is set very sensible and well chosen.

And again Grisha Kochenov did a really impressive artwork.


31.10.2009 09:46

Хороший релиз -==- Правда на любителя -==- Жутковатый даже немного ! ! !

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