Techno-Релизы    2009    October
[thn112] T-Polar  - Bow to the butter blaster

[thn112] T-Polar - Bow to the butter blaster

Label: Thinner
Catalog: thn112
Format: 10  File, MP3 
Released: 16.10.2009
Styles: Ambient Dub Experimental House

01 binoculars 04:34 | 10.719 mb
02 doah 04:16 | 10.005 mb
03 bow to the butter blaster 06:03 | 14.202 mb
04 stepford depot 03:56 | 9.223 mb
05 the earl of jacks 07:05 | 16.607 mb
06 swomp house 06:07 | 14.356 mb
07 stuck in the j hole 05:26 | 12.759 mb
08 wurms 06:16 | 14.716 mb
09 t unnatural 07:00 | 16.416 mb
10 frupessional steppa 06:12 | 14.53

Source's preview
written and produced by gary spence
music is about to make a difference and get incorporated in personal structures of identification, to accomplish statements by making the location of these particular moments to ones own point of view. in this fashion everybody might know that house becomes deep when it′s funky, considering that one does music with more and more breaks, warm basslines, kinky splitting beats and continously dispersing twists. in the end it is always about inhaling the music and not to like something particular about it. and this is it why the music of gary spence makes a difference, because when it comes to his music you may expect the unexpected.

gary spence developed a way of dealing with house which goes widely beyond the parameters of what one is used to. his tracks bend jovial tracks across the genres and give a lot of room to lots of different ideas. sometimes sanguine and groovy between dubstep, dub, house and electro and then again dodgy shufflehouse with frapped basslines or smooth gliding deep houseeffects or just bobbin beats, which do not abide by something at all. in this fashion his new album "bow to the butter blaster" is a gem of abstract multi layered house music to be heard on thinner, carrying 10 tracks of nested grooves, which glue the fragmented sounds and vocals together.

at times the mood is rather dark, but then again the incorporated basslines are warm basslines which rock on a different level and with every further track sink more and more in this very sound which is sometimes too difficult to grasp because it is too close. it′s agitating music which so garrulously speaks about timelessness so that the world around you begins to turn. "bow to the butter blaster", as clear as mysterious, speaks for a world in house which is likely to end in endless afterhours, on the way to a party which never stops. beyond belief? as always.
text written by sebastian redenz

26.09.2012 07:21
Miami In da House and oh your sound is great, have 2 new tracks caelld boost your heartbeat taste your love house mix , please check it out see if you like it or want to use it in your next mix!VA:F [1.9.9_1125]please wait...VA:F [1.9.9_1125](from 0 votes)
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