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[RTSW8] Di Arty  - Sicker Than Ever

[RTSW8] Di Arty - Sicker Than Ever

Catalog: RTSW8
Format: 4  File, MP3, VBR 
Released: 10.10.2009
Styles: Techno
Size: 44.1 MB

1. Di Arty - What R U Looking At? [6:12]
2. Di Arty - Alone In The Dark Light [6:20]
3. Di Arty - 7 Colours [5:55]
4. Di Arty - Numaru [6:30]

Source's preview
Di Arty is a DJ and artist from Novosibirsk. He's known for his hard techno addiction, and IDM-inspired production. This release reflects his 'harder' side, and, as you can hear, every track has an experimetal touch, which makes RTSW8 a bit special. Ok, here we go!
First track - a tempting massive one with rude vocal cuts and distorted bass drum - a classic burner! Play it on a big party and be sure - you'll get massive response! Second track - hi-frequency noise and agressive beats will definitely make you nuts. Who can stand this pressure? Third one is a ballad of a stuffed Snow White on a freak show (Oops! Ain't ask nobody where the vocals were taken from - no one knows, but who cares finally?!). Forth tack is a restless cut with somehow funky rhythm line - sometimes it breaks, somethimes it lightens, but all in all - it's strong and vivid! Summing everything up - this release will fit those who likes it in a bit harder way, not fast but not slow, on the edge. Slightly experimetal, with it's own character. Enjoy another fine release from Russian-Techno.Com!


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