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[thn111] Gabriel le mar - Wize dubs

[thn111] Gabriel le mar - Wize dubs

Label: Thinner
Catalog: thn111
Format: 10  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 04.10.2009
Styles: Ambient Dub Experimental House Minimal Techno

01 dubster (octex rmx) 06:37 | 15.533 mb
02 motorace (dub mix) (daniel… 05:48 | 13.599 mb
03 nova bluez (das… 05:42 | 13.366 mb
04 seasonal dub (p. laos rmx) 06:28 | 15.161 mb
05 funkstern (max cavalerra rmx) 06:44 | 15.786 mb
06 love dub (echonomist rmx) 07:05 | 16.615 mb
07 nova bluez (subsonic park rmx) 07:27 | 17.478 mb
08 seasonal dub (veer rmx) 08:00 | 18.755 mb
09 time for everything (marko… 08:36 | 20.191 mb
10 dubster (beatless mix)… 07:41 | 18.038 mb

Source's preview
Featuring contributions from old and new thinner collaborators, "wize dubs" is a collection of tracks of the album "dubwize" by gabriel le mar, released january 2009 on thinner and tailored for the dub inspired clubber by combining different playful approaches of dub, framed within the functionality and stringency of techhouse music. this remix album reflects on the story of dubwize from different angles, as for each tune the original songs are deconstructed and mixed differently. overall the collection spans a wide range of moody remixes, from abstract excursions over functional floorkeepers and detached sentiences.

the opening mixes by octex and daniel blomqvist are rather experimental perspectives upon ′dubster′ and ′motorace (dub mix), both dissolving and the elements of the original tracks with shifting beats in a rather submerged dubstep corset. following this comes the nova bluez mix by das kraftfuttermischwerk, remixing nova bluez in a loungey environment, managing to provide aural satisfaction.

a string of functional mixes is opened by the mix of p. laoss, who renders ′seasonal dub′ into a deep and uplifting house version, which ascends between the poles of sunken dub house and textural landscapes. max cavalerra, on the other hand, offers a more minimal technoid approach on ′funkstern′, which centers around a deep stab which gradually disappears in a tunnel.

with the remixes by the echonomist and subsonic park the compilation goes deeper. the echonomist goes back in time and builds his mix of ′love dub′ on a groovy house chord sequence from previous days, while subsonic park offers a journey to a distant location somewhere between deep techhouse and dubtech.

having arrived there veer picks the listener up with his tracky, sequenced twirl of ′seasonal dub′, which leaves enough headroom to unfold the funky blowers of the original. afterwards marko fürstenberg launches a most gorgeous rocket to spaced out dubspheres with strong detroit reminiscences, where there is indeed ′time for everything′ as indicated by gabriel′s original song. finally, motionfield lets us exhale with a natural ambient version of the beatless version of dubster.
text written by sebastian redenz

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