Techno-Релизы    2009    October
[dist016] NQ - Like Styrofoam, Bleeding

[dist016] NQ - Like Styrofoam, Bleeding

Label: Distance Recordings
Catalog: dist016
Format: File, MP3 
Released: 04.10.2009
Styles: Drone Minimal

Leaving Town
Farewell To A Ghost
You Will Never Be Home Again
Highwires And Stardust Memories
If It Would Be Different At All
Pachinko Depression
Autobahnkreuz München Nord
Wet Sunshine And Moving Cars
Like Styrofoam, Bleeding

Source's preview
This month, as Autumn begins to fade and Winter starts to slowly creep in, we have a stunning album for you from Cologne, Germany based artist Nils Quak. This album is a lovingly crafted blend of pulsating drones, distant field recordings and repetitious minimalism. Nils has also chosen to include with this album, his own custom made Max/Msp application. The app is included in the zip files, in both standalone Windows and Mac versions.

05.10.2009 11:23

косяк то,что прослушать нельзя!!! дайте прослушку!!!

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