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[foot126] Ventolyn & Becotyde - Neuro Torque

[foot126] Ventolyn & Becotyde - Neuro Torque

Label: Bump Foot
Catalog: foot126
Format: 7  File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Released: 29.11.2009
Styles: Electronic Glitch
Total time: 31:43
Size: 72.5MB

Neuro Torque (0:55)
Plíng Avec Losa (5:36)
Infrictor Steady Shelled (5:48)
Carbon Architects (4:31)
Xeyf Loom Oíche (6:03)
Avitas (1:15)
Olpha Tri Mentra 5 (7:34)

Source's preview
Here comes very exciting glitch tunes by Ventolyn & Becotyde from Ireland.
Ventolyn & Becotyde has three releases to date, two LPs and one EP, appearing on a few netlabels, Section 27 and Pavillion 36. His first piece, was an Ambient / Glitch / Downtempo album titled, "Splitter" which was conceived in early 2009, being a collection of Simon's first ever tracks, followed by another album titled, "Audissect" which was a 22 track collection of different styles, taking it up a notch further than that which was heard on Splitter. Now again in late 2009, Ventolyn has taken it up even another notch, presenting you with a new 7 E.P., titled Neuro Torque, which he considers to be an EP of his best tracks to date, displaying his new production abilities. Neuro Torque is a gripping, atmospheric, bass riddled, foot to the floor release, that brings you on a journey of glitched out, pumping 2-step mayhem! From the shuddering kicks and sparkling pads in "Xeyf Loom Oíche" to melancholic orchestral strings rolling over the sub-bass in "Infrictor Steady Shelled", this release is a true work out for the brain and ears! Ventolyn is very excited to reveal that this EP is now being made available to you from the wonderful Bumpfoot!!

Ventolyn & Becotyde says thanks to the following:
Tatsu from Bumpfoot for releasing this on such a great label!!
Jimmy Penguin for all the support, advice and inspiration.
Tam, a.k.a. Nonima for introducing me to wonderful Section 27, getting my music serious exposure!
Sam from Pavillion 36, for the label introduction, and also getting my tunes great ear time!
My mum and dad for raising me into a musically capable being.
All the wonderful musicians I have spoken with on myspace [you know who you are!]
And ofcourse, you and all the people that have taken the time to download this and support me in any way. It means so much!


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