Techno-Релизы    2009    November
[hg068] Various Artists - Highgrade vs. Freak n' Chic - Mikado

[hg068] Various Artists - Highgrade vs. Freak n' Chic - Mikado

Catalog: hg068
Released: 23.11.2009
Styles: Tech-House Compilation

1. Todd Bodine - Laid-back
2. Dale & Daniel Dreier - Cassia
3. Todd Bodine & Tom Clark - Silly Games
4. David K - Take it
5. Homm & Popoviciu - Decoder
6. :Terry: - Blow Up
7. Jens Bond - Pictures in the dark
8. Shonky - OZ
9. Simon Beeston - Under the Sofa
10. Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner - Amiga
11. Asem Shama - Ablaze
12. Dan Ghenacia - Hillcrest
13. Demir & Seymen - Bumtschick
14. Seuil - Morning Meth
15. Anthony Collins - That light in your eyes

Source's preview
As if the year 2009 hadn’t been eventful enough for Berlin label Highgrade and it’s French counterpart Freak n’Chic , both camps have found space in the program for another very special Tour de Force this November. Based on the similar philosophies of label founders Tom Clark and Dan Ghenacia, the two labels utilize the skills of their existing artist rosters while continuing to discover new talents, and togheter, pay tribute to almost all the artists from both labels with this fresh musical collaboration. With the release of the „MIKADO“ compilation on Highgrade, Tom Clark, together with his label-partner Todd Bodine on the German side, send his most trusted regular artists Jens Bond, Heinrichs & Hirtenfeller, Homm & Popoviciu and Daniel Dreier into the game alongside newcomers Asem Shama, Demir & Seymen and Simon Beeston. On the French side, Dan Ghenacia sits in company with Anthony Collins, Shonky, David K, :Terry: and Seuil, making them a match fit and battle ready MIKADO brigade! And that’s not the only musical surpise in store: On 17th October the artists from both labels will be coming together to form an impressive line-up for a joint label night at Berghain and Panorama Bar. The night kicks off the record release tour throughout Europe, at which you will be forced to resist the MIKADO effect – the one who moves, loses! Musically the labels stay true to their roots, which leads to a perfect synergy of Berlin minimal tech house and energetic French house. It begins with two Highgrade duos, Daniel Dreier & Dale with “Cassia“, and Todd Bodine & Tom Clark with “Silly Games“. Both tracks feature strong sounds that roll towards the dancefloor on a platform of solid percussion. After that David K’s “Take It“, comes through with spherical vocals set amongst a hovering rhythm thats sole purpose is to animate the dancefloor. “Decoder“ from Homm & Popoviciu also delivers a groove that won’t let anyone sit still. Then we move on to :Terry: and Jens Bond with “Blow Up“ and “Pictures in the Dark“ both tracks moving the floor with energetic sounds and vocals. Shonky’s “Oz“ steps it up a notch with driving beats and deep pads, and Simon Beeston isn’t outshined, with “Under the Sofa“ coming hot on his heels. Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner are taking it easier an „Amiga“, before Asem Shama’s “Ablaze“ brings a little darkness and fantasy into the mix. Also on “Hillcrest“ Dan Ghenacia generates a direct percussive rhythm from many individual elements, letting the track develop its own atmosphere. “Bumtschick“ from Demir & Seymen lives up to it’s name and aims straight for the dancefloor. To close out the release, Todd Bodine with “Laid Back“, Seuil with “Morning Meth“ and last but not least, Anthony Collins with “That Light In Your Eyes“ deliver tracks that are in part loungy, but are also classical house grooves set to rock the floor. The compilation will be released as a vinyl EP, as well as all tracks being available in Digital format. All this means that this autumn will not only strengthen the ties between the German and the French, but will also deliver a musical feast, which everone will be able to experience for themselves on the compilation and also in the clubs of Europe. Highgrade vs. Freak n'Chic from Riza-Rocco Avsar on Vimeo.

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