Techno-Релизы    2009    November
Archipel Podcast 023: Naudio

Archipel Podcast 023: Naudio

Label: Archipel
Format: VBR MP3
Released: 26.11.2009
Styles: House Techno Podcast
Size: 87.6 MB

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Naudio aka Chris McNaughton, DJ/Producer, Relay Recordings head-honcho and former sound man of the Bunker events in NYC, currently resides in Boulder, Colorado. Not only can this man grill up the meanest “Naughty” burgers, he can also cook up a perfect blend of beats fusing techno and house.

Influenced primarily by Jameson’s irish whisky, Naudio’s productions have perked up the ears of drunk people across the globe. He derives most of his creativity from the immediate thoughts after waking from dreams. Working out those ideas has led to many deep, heady and sometimes quirky tracks. Mixing DJing with production has kept things fresh and interesting in his music. While tech and minimal are major parts of his sound, Naudio has also been known to infuse elements of funk and soul into his broad spectrum sets.


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