Techno-Релизы    2009    November
[S27-028] Adviruz  - Nightly Sounds

[S27-028] Adviruz - Nightly Sounds

Label: Section 27
Catalog: S27-028
Format: 320Kbps MP3 / Ogg Vorbis
Released: 17.11.2009
Styles: Electronic Experimental Glitch IDM
Size: 95.1 MB

01. Love Scum [4:07]
02. Come Close [6:21]
03. Nightly Sounds [5:30]
04. Run [5:44]
05. Owls [3:49]
06. Quantized [7:20]
07. Ready [5:06]
08. Effin [5:00]

Source's preview
Adviruz is the artist psedonym of Istanbul’s Pinar Gurcan, whose growing passion for sound is translated through her music. Since an early age, she has been listening and mimicking opera singers, writing melodies, songs and poems in which she spoke her mind and reflected her soul. All of which are evident on "Nightly Sounds", an 8 track album which is the equivilent of having a glimpse into a diary, learning of love lost, gained, a snapshot of the human condition from which we can all draw experience... All of these things are developed musically into minimalistic glitch, noise, idm, experimental music and microsounds, influences reminiscent of work by artists like Tujiko Noriko, Mira Calix, Plaid and Björk.

Adviruz and Section 27 present "Nightly Sounds", an intricately woven and rewarding musical tapestry. Available now for free download.


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суицидные эмо ваша тема

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